Gay Men Cock-Ring It!

Smart Paraphernalia for Gay Partners in Bed

Gay men have it good as much as straight males do – they get powerful, never-been-imagined real sex trips. If you’re one of those happy and gay sex adventurers, there are lots of toys-for-the-big-boys that will help you become, bigger (quite literally), better and more learned in the lust department. Cock rings, for one, boast of a horseshoe shape that fits the male anatomy and works wonders for both size and performance. Here are other sample treats for your secret (and not-so-secret) rendezvous…

The Cock Ring is the Wave of the Future – and the NOW

Let’s talk about horseshoe cock rings, shall we? A horseshoe cock rings boasts of a shape tailored to the male anatomy and is able to trigger a powerful sexual sensitivity or response. This is how a cock ring essentially works: it applies pressure to the male dorsal vein to trigger a boner reflex, helping keep the penis consistently hard and provides an astounding size due to the principle of constriction. Follow the instructions that come with every cock ring package and you can be on your way to wonderland.


Gay Men Stimulators for the Determined

Vibrators have long been known as a source of stimulation and pleasure that soar and set new records. If you’re someone looking for great stimulation on both your prostate and perineum, a stimulator delivers strong vibrations that will send waves of “happy” shock through your system. It is used by being inserted and allowed to sit against your so-called P-spot and perineum. You can also enjoy this device hands-free – just rock back and forth and let your hands graze other parts of your partner’s body, or yourself.

Are Dildos the Real Deal?

They are, for many, and there’s hardly any reason for you not to be part of the statistics. Practice your way to greatness and feel what it’s like to have a real dick inside of you through a good-working dildo, which should have a smooth, rubbery feel that will bend and work like a really hard cock ready to go to work. Again, flexibility is key! A dildo comes with a sturdy suction cup at the bottom, too.

Stick it in when you’re in bed, in the shower, on the floor, and practically anywhere you want to explore yourself or your sizzling-hot partner in crime. Of course, get the biggest size possible for that challenge you’ve long been looking for!

Train Yourself for Anal Sex

Enjoy a faster, more hassle-free fuck when you train your anus for expansion. There are trainer sets available out there that are designed to provide the needs of beginners, intermediate-level guys, and sex hustlers when it comes to expanding their asses. The plug is usually made of poly vinyl chloride or PVC, and also filled with jelly rubber for some comfort and convenience.

Don’t forget a lubricator, though, because it can offers worlds of difference to the whole setup. Choose a lube product that’s slick yet won’t chafe or irritate, for instance a silicone-based one.

Learn more about cock rings and other sex toys that no longer just provide amusement, but also take your sex life to new and improved levels.